This first step in your skincare routine sets the tone for your routine’s overall effectiveness as it preps the skin for products like moisturizers and treatment serums. 


Our cleansers are botanically infused and dermatologist tested for effective yet gentle skin balancing effects. Each of our cleansers target different skin concerns, yet they’re all made with the goal of removing impurities from the skin so as to avoid skin stripping and maximize moisture retention later in your routine.


What's skin stripping?

Skin stripping refers to your skin having its natural oils removed. It's usually the result of products that are incompatible with your skin because they're too harsh for your skin's needs. How you cleanse your skin can also contribute to skin stripping:

Are you double-cleaning when you don't have to?

Are you exfoliating more than you should?

Are you using too much of any one product?

Are you combining ingredients from different products that you shouldn't? 

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Cleanse smarter, not harder.

Stop playing guessing games with your skincare! Stop choosing products based on TikTok trends and influencer sponsorships instead of what your skin's unique needs. You're not only hurting your wallet, but you could be doing some serious damage to your skin in the long-run.

Our team of licensed aestheticians have over a decade's experience caring for clients' skin, giving facials and customizing skincare routines. Bring the Medspa experience home with a L'Elix Skincare Match consultation!